Bass Lessons NYC

It’s all about that Bass

Nice choice, the world needs more bass players! Before you start your musical journey you should definitely learn a little something about your new instrument.

There are several types of basses used for many different styles of music.  The original form of the bass is called the double bass, contra bass or upright bass. This instrument looks like a giant violin. It can be played with a bow or you can play it by plucking it with your fingers. This type of bass is used in orchestral music, jazz and sometimes even rock music. Pop into any jazz club and you are sure to find an upright bass plucking away, possibly by one of our NYC bass teachers!

The next type of bass is actually called the bass guitar. It looks a lot like guitar but most commonly has only 4 strings.  It usually has a longer neck and thicker strings. There are exceptions though, some electric basses also come with 5 or 6 strings. This instrument can be played by strumming, plucking or using a pick to play the strings.

Both the electric and upright bass have strings that are tuned to E,A,D,G.  These instruments also give whatever group they are playing with the foundation for rhythm and tonality.  No rock band would be complete without a bass player nor would any orchestra without the low and beautiful rumble of its double bass section.

Students can start learning the bass at very young ages, as these instruments are available in beginner or student sizes. As the student starts to grow the instrument can be moved to a larger size without changing its fundamentals. The bass is also a great instrument to learn in your NYC apartment because of its small size and low volume.