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The flute is a complex instrument that relies heavily on breath and finger positioning to create the best sound. Every new flute player shares similar

The Clarinet is a musical instrument with a reed and mouthpiece that creates a beautiful, clear sound. If you’ve just started to play or are

The violin is a popular choice among stringed instruments, and many want to learn to play it. But it’s also a complex instrument. And unfortunately,

Taking on the cello as an instrument to learn is one of the most exciting things for a string player. Beginners who want to learn

Whether it’s for enjoyment or a career choice, playing the piano can be very rewarding, not just for you, but for your audience as well.

If you are just starting to learn guitar, you may not be aware that how you hold the pick matters. While beginner guitarists may not

When you begin to learn to play the violin, you probably fancy yourself mastering a difficult piece like one of Beethoven’s Sonatas or the Concerto

Musicians who already learned an instrument or beginners looking to learn may consider the cello. But is it hard to learn and play? The process

The most important part of learning to sing is learning how to properly warm up your voice. For children, warm-ups can seem and be a

Have you ever listened to a fantastic violin piece by Paganini, Beethoven, or Mozart and wondered how the violinists got so good that they were

The guitar is one of the best instruments for beginners to learn!  When you are getting started with playing the guitar, it’s incredible to find

How Adjusting Your Voice Can Completely Change Its Quality and Sound Most seasoned singers know that warming up is one of the most important tools

Looking at the piano and its notes, the first thing even the most amateur musician will notice is an array of keys – some black

As you age you tend to think that you’re unable to do certain things because you’re “too old” to do them any longer. One of

The piano is the perfect instrument for a beginner. If you’re interested in learning the piano and music theory, you may be curious about where