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If you’ve decided you want to play guitar, you probably want to enhance your learning with some guitar lessons. Whether you’re a beginner at the

Singing requires being a good listener, and in some cases, using your ear to hear the melody can help you sing harmony. When you harmonize

Learning the drums can be challenging but very rewarding. After all, the drums are the heart of a band and help keep everyone in line

Are you taking up or learning the ukulele? The ukulele is one of the best instruments for beginners. It’s a small but fun “little guitar”

As a singer, vocal health is extremely important. Taking care of your voice may seem like an obvious task, but if you’re not utilizing proper

How Adjusting Your Voice Can Completely Change Its Quality and Sound Most seasoned singers know that warming up is one of the most important tools

Most people believe when they reach adulthood it can be too difficult to take on learning a new instrument, and that you should start those

Learning to play the trumpet is an excellent skill, so if you’re a new student, congratulations! The trumpet is an extremely popular instrument for jazz,

Playing the piano is a skill that takes years of practice, dedication, and desire. Our students study every type of music during their piano lessons

Most people believe that learning a new instrument should begin at a young age. Knowing the right time to start where you can pick up,

The flute is a complex instrument that relies heavily on breath and finger positioning to create the best sound. Every new flute player shares similar

The Clarinet is a musical instrument with a reed and mouthpiece that creates a beautiful, clear sound. If you’ve just started to play or are

The violin is a popular choice among stringed instruments, and many want to learn to play it. But it’s also a complex instrument. And unfortunately,

Taking on the cello as an instrument to learn is one of the most exciting things for a string player. Beginners who want to learn

Whether it’s for enjoyment or a career choice, playing the piano can be very rewarding — not just for you — but for your audience