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8 Questions About Piano Lessons Answered by One of Our Experts

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One of our favorite NYC piano teachers, answered some often asked and important questions about piano lessons, her teaching philosophy and favorite musical moments.

1) What advice would you give to parents who are considering getting piano lessons for their children?

Rita: Piano lessons are a great way to introduce children to music and deeper understandings of history, culture, and expression in a way that is fun and interactive. Their appreciation for music will stay with them for the rest of their lives and they will grow in every way!

2) Why do you think the piano is such a popular instrument for very young students?

Rita: The piano is a very visual and tactile instrument. Because of the many different ways to play, very young children can develop their fine motor skills as well as their ear. They can distinguish different sounds, high and low, patterns and string it all together to make music.

3) What are some obstacles that piano students face when learning how to play and how can they be overcome?

Rita: Many students struggle with not understanding right away, or having a harder time multitasking (thinking about finger patterns, hand shape, rhythm and notes all at the same time), but we work on those things all the time by taking each component and working on it separately, and going at the pace of the student. I tailor every piano lesson to the student’s interests so that they can progress and enjoy musicmaking.

4) How much daily practice time does a beginner need to realize steady progress and become a proficient player?

Rita: Daily practice is very important, but the amount is less important than the point of practice. Every practice session should have a goal, even if it’s tackling only one tricky measure. If it takes 5 minutes or 30, it’s still an accomplishment. Practice goals are more important than setting a time.

5) What benefits can come from learning the piano?

Rita: Piano gives an understanding of music, history, and art. It helps students in multitasking, working in an intelligent and time-efficient way, and handling projects easily. Music helps in recognizing patterns, fine motor skills, work ethic, and most importantly gives students an outlet for expression.

6) What do you love about teaching piano and being a performer?

Rita: I tailor my lessons to my students, and the more I teach the more I learn about my own approach. I also really enjoy working with students of all ages – every student brings their own interests and personalities, and we end up learning from each other. It is also a privilege to pass on what I have learned from my own teachers and mentors. As a performer, I enjoy sharing my connection to the music with my audience, and it’s an amazing experience.

7) What was your most memorable teaching experience?

Rita: The moment when a student realizes that they can do what the music is asking is always memorable!

8) When and where was your most memorable performance?

Rita: My senior recital and my Masters recital were both big events because they signified a culmination of my own understanding of music and style, helped by my wonderful teachers. They were also jumping off points for my future performances.
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  1. It’s awesome that you talked about how piano lessons help develop multitasking skills. Recently, my sister mentioned her daughter’s been interested in learning how to play an instrument. My niece’s still confused about which instrument to try out, so I’ll be sure to share this article with them. Thanks for the advice on piano lessons and their mental benefits.

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