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First & Easiest Violin Songs for Beginners

First & Easiest Violin Songs for Beginners

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When you begin to learn to play the violin, you probably fancy yourself mastering a difficult piece like one of Beethoven’s Sonatas or the Concerto in A Minor. But in reality, you should be sure to give yourself some patience because it will require time to get to that stage.

It could take you anywhere from a few months to a few years to play the violin well. Part of this depends on your own discipline and desire to learn. It is never too late to start learning, either, so don’t let a thought like that squash your pursuit! Local violin lessons and online violin lessons make learning convenient from anywhere.

The violin is an instrument that requires rigid and proper playing techniques that include positioning, correct form, posture, and the right balance and quality of sound. This is not to mention the knowledge of music theory that is needed to read the sheet music properly while playing, so be sure to have a solid understanding of that as well, or be willing to add more time within your schedule to study it.

There are many songs that can be utilized for beginners on the violin that are easy-to-play and will be of great help at the beginning of your learning process.

Keep in mind that, while for beginners, even these songs will take some time to learn well and master, so don’t be discouraged when starting your journey. Exercise some patience and a lot of practice so you can perform these tunes with ease.

Here’s a list of nine easy violin songs every violinist should begin with:


If you want to learn how to play some Beethoven, this is the perfect place to start. Classical music is one of the most challenging types of music to master, especially on the violin. This song will help you to learn the art of classical music on the violin as well as working on your technique of fingering and bowing. You can even play with this song as you get better at it, adding in some eighth notes or showing off with an easy arpeggio that makes it sound more difficult than it is.


In keeping with the classical theme, the William Tell Overture, AKA “The Lone Ranger Theme” by Rossini is a very well-known piece that you can play and sounds impressive. It also has an upbeat and catchy rhythm that people enjoy.


If you desire to learn pieces that you can play in a church-like setting or gathering for Christians, the classic tune of Amazing Grace is also a very good beginner song for the violin. It is a more difficult piece to take on, but very popular. Bonus points if you can find a skilled singer to sing along with your playing at a church service!


This is another more upbeat tune that people will be tapping (or marching) along to. The great thing about this for a beginning song to learn is that it can be played slow OR fast. The tempo can actually even be adjusted so as you learn it you can start slow, and gradually pick it up as you get the hang of it.


Wedding March by Mendelssohn is a very popular song for the violin, and more specifically, for weddings (of course). So if you’d like to utilize your playing skills for events such as weddings, this is a great beginner song to tackle since it is an easier tune to pick up on the violin.


An extremely popular Christmas song, Jingle Bells is a good song to learn on the violin because it is written in common time and done in G Major, which is a perfect place for new violin students. It also is helpful that the sheet music in particular for this song is free! Another Christmas tune that is fairly easy to learn and also free in terms of getting the music is Away in a Manger.


With long ties and a very recognizable tune, For He is a Jolly Good Fellow is a popular violin piece that should be included within your repertoire. In addition to this kid-friendly song you should also add in Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star – which is also the same exact tune as Happy Birthday, so you can choose which song to call it! These songs are both great for little listeners to sing along with, too.


Learn this easy violin piece in the traditional version arranged by Christian Morris. The Mexican folk song is a great choice for beginner violinists. The happy and upbeat song features a number of dramatic tenutos and tuplet groupings that will allow you to grow and increase your violin playing skills such as fingering and bowing.


If you’re a fan of the galaxy far, far away, this John Williams piece is a good song to add to your easy-to-play pieces, especially if you have a lot of friends, family or other sci-fi fans. Most people will recognize the popular tune, and its repetitiveness lends itself to being great for beginners on the violin.

Whatever songs you want to explore, keep in mind that the more simple the key, the repeats of melodies in measures, and any progressions that are simple changes with your fingers will be the easiest to tackle when you are in the beginning stages of learning.

Regardless of your abilities and technique, these songs listed should help you to get a good start in your learning and building of your repertoire. As the ease of the songs becomes apparent then it’s time to find some higher level of difficulty for your practice. Happy playing!

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