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How Much Are Guitar Lessons and What to Expect?

how much are guitar lessons

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If you’ve decided you want to play guitar, you probably want to enhance your learning with some guitar lessons. Whether you’re a beginner at the guitar or want to advance in your skillset, guitar lessons are an excellent way to ensure that you’ll progress.

You may find it challenging to determine the cost of guitar lessons. As a student, do your parents want to find the most affordable option, or are they looking for the most expensive, believing that it will provide a higher-quality lesson? Should you find a guitar teacher locally in your area, or are online lessons the way to go?

The guide below will help you determine the average cost of guitar lessons, what you can expect to pay, and what you will get out of the amount you put in for your lessons.

How Much Do Guitar Lessons Cost?

Typically, guitar lessons cost from as low as $20 per lesson to as much as $100 per lesson, ranging from private, in-person lessons from an expert to someone who has just started offering lessons online. However, many factors can impact the cost of your lesson.

The Average Cost of Guitar Lessons

The average price for your guitar lessons is probably going to be somewhere in the $35 to $55 range. The price you can expect to pay for guitar lessons depends on numerous factors, including things like the type of guitar you want to learn on, the experience of your instructor, and where you’re located.

As a beginner on the guitar, it can be helpful to take more than just one lesson per week when you start. Your other lesson may involve diving into music theory since it is helpful to know when learning the guitar.

Private, In-Person Guitar Lessons

The typical range of an in-person half-hour guitar lesson is going to cost anywhere from $20 to $40. The average cost is dependent on local teachers in your area, companies, online studios, and other lesson studios. Private guitar lessons with a teacher can depend on skill level and experience as well as location.

The hour rate of in-person may be less expensive if you live in a small town rather than a big city. A rural area guitar tutor will have a smaller pool of people taking lessons, especially when trying to get their name out there in the community if they are new to teaching.

Bigger cities may have in-person music schools where the half-hour or hour rate of a guitar lesson is more valuable. For instance, in the New York City area, you can expect to pay more for a lesson than you would in a small, rural town.

One significant advantage of private lessons is that your guitar instructor can adapt to your specific learning needs to help you progress more quickly. They also ensure that you learn how to play properly without picking up any bad habits in the way you hold or play.

Group Guitar Lessons

Music schools, instructors, and even some music stores also sometimes offer group guitar lessons rather than private guitar lessons. Group guitar lessons typically cost a bit less than a private lesson, so instead of paying $40, you may only pay $30, which can be a nice discount and be beneficial in your beginning journey to learn guitar.

There are advantages to group lessons, but there are also some disadvantages to be aware of. For example, everyone is learning the same things at the same time within group music lessons, so your individual learning style doesn’t come into play. If you advance more quickly or fall behind in the learning, there’s no adjusting to suit your needs.

Online Guitar Lessons

Like group guitar lessons, online guitar lessons will typically cost you less than private music lessons. Online guitar lessons can be done with a private instructor with weekly lessons, yes, but you can also purchase courses where the videos have already been pre-made and have enough lessons that last an entire year, which is great.

The cost may vary depending on which method you choose for learning guitar. Online lessons allow you to learn on your own, so you can tailor things like lesson length, the amount of time per day, and more to suit your individual needs.

Serving one already-created lesson to all members of the online group to learn guitar allows the instructor to charge much less for access to their content. But, again, you don’t get individual attention, where your teacher can monitor your performance and can run the risk of picking up bad habits with your instrument that won’t be caught by your teacher.

How much for guitar lessons

Other Factors That Influence Guitar Lessons Cost

Besides the type of music lessons you take when learning the guitar, other factors directly affect the cost of guitar lessons.

Instructor Experience and Qualifications

Consider a school or instructor who has been teaching for five years or just recently acquired a music degree versus one who’s been teaching for over 15 years and has a Bachelor’s degree along with multiple music degrees. The cost will likely be higher for the one with more experience.

For example, a musician who is well known for years of expert guitar skills may be less likely to take new students, but rather, advanced students. They will likely charge more for a private guitar lesson than someone who has guitar skills and has just started offering music lessons.

Lesson Duration and Frequency

Music lessons are usually divided into half-hour or one-hour lessons. Sometimes, professional guitar teachers offer 45-minute lessons. Depending on your availability, it’s helpful to ask what the duration of your lessons will be and if there are different rates.

New students learning from an instructor can expect to pay more for the price of guitar lessons that are longer. If you’re shopping for the best deal with an instructor, there may be some who offer a free trial lesson.

You may only want to take lessons every other week or once a month, which would be cheaper than having weekly lessons. Guitar players can expect higher prices if they increase the amount of minutes spent in their lessons.

Materials or Resources Provided

Guitar teachers offer different ways to learn, and depending on what materials or equipment you need, guitar students may expect to pay more. For example, online music lessons may require a specific program or software.
Online lessons may involve investing in equipment like a good microphone and a webcam. In-person private tutors may want you to invest in workbooks or music, which can add to the cost of your lessons.

Your Experience Level (ie, beginner, intermediate, advanced)

The cost of your guitar lesson could depend on how far along you, as a guitar player, have been learning already. For example, if you’re interested in more intermediate or advanced techniques, you may pay more for a skilled instructor than you would if you were just starting out.

Location and Accessibility

The hourly rate of in-person private guitar lessons may be less expensive if you live in a small town rather than a major city. A rural area guitar tutor will have a smaller pool of people taking lessons, especially when trying to get their name out in the community if they are new to teaching.

Bigger cities may have in-person music schools where the half-hour or hour rate of a guitar lesson is more valuable. A more heavily populated location will usually pay more for guitar lessons than a small town. Consider the cost of driving back and forth for your lessons as part of that price as well.

What is a Fair Price for Guitar Lessons for a Child?

If you have a young student who wants to enroll in a music program, you’re probably curious about where you’ll get the better value. Is it worth the money to have your child learn from an expert, or where to find a good guitar teacher online?

In general, music teachers are often as good as or better than professional musicians, so look for a teacher with experience and reliability within your budget. A fair price for a child who’s a new student of the guitar could be anywhere from $30 to $60 per hour, depending on a number of factors already discussed.

Are Guitar Lessons Worth the Cost?

It’s important to ask questions before settling on your teacher. With the proper resources and knowing facets of the guitar teacher’s education or teacher’s level, you can find local private one-on-one guitar lessons range of services to determine what’s worth paying.

You’ve heard the expression, “You get what you pay for,” so don’t skimp on the price if you want to ensure that your child or you if you’re learning guitar as an adult, grasp a solid understanding of music through guitar lessons.

Is it Expensive to Learn Guitar?

Learning the guitar can be expensive, but if you do your research, you can find a good teacher who will provide lessons within your budget. There may also be instructors willing to provide discounts that you can take advantage of and get started on your learning journey.

Whichever way you choose to go to learn the guitar, take note that you need to be prepared to invest your time and effort into learning so that you can play your favorite songs and progress quickly. Practice is an essential aspect of your learning and should be encouraged outside of your lesson time.

guitar lessons how much

Additional Costs to Consider

While the lessons themselves have a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cost, there are some other costs you may want to consider when taking up guitar lessons. Make sure to ask questions regarding these extra costs when working with an instructor so you can help determine the overall amount you’ll need when learning to play.

The Guitar Itself

If you are serious about your guitar lessons, you’ll need to invest in a guitar for yourself at some point. You can’t pick up a ukulele and learn how to play the guitar!
It may not be required if you have a teacher who can lend you a guitar during lessons. However, since you’ll want to practice outside of lessons as well, it’s a good idea to buy a guitar for yourself.

Working with a tight budget or not having a lot of extra money to spend may limit your options for a guitar. Consider looking into an online marketplace or second-hand store for a gently used guitar. Ask your instructor to help you decide on the right type and style of guitar for learning.

Additional Equipment Like Picks and Tuners

Learning how to properly hold a guitar pick is one of the many lessons you’ll learn when becoming a guitarist. So you may have to include the cost of additional equipment for your guitars, like picks and tuners, as part of your upfront fees.
There are plenty of tuning apps you can download with a smartphone. Many times, instructors will also have plenty of picks to lend and allow you to use outside during your practice time.

  • Other equipment you may need when taking guitar lessons include:
    Shoulder strap
  • Seat
  • Amp – most necessary with an electric guitar but can be beneficial if learning on the acoustic guitar.

If you want to play and sing, you may want to include a microphone and stand as part of your equipment with the guitar, too.

Sheet Music or Books

As mentioned previously, some instructors may need you to invest in particular workbooks, songbooks, or sheet music when learning the guitar. The books may contain information about music theory, which is a crucial aspect of learning to play music.

Other books may be necessary to help you along the way. For instance, your guitar teacher may want you to learn about songwriting or train your ear to help you become a more well-rounded musician.

Learning The Guitar At The Right Cost

The lesson you can learn here is that the best way to learn guitar, especially as a beginner, is by working with a private tutor who can monitor your progress and help you learn the proper skills to advance quickly. There are plenty of amazing instructors at Music To Your Home, so pick up your guitar and start learning today.

Start slowly and build upon each skill so you can excel at your craft. Pretty soon, you’ll be playing amazing guitar riffs and become known by your friends and family as a great guitarist in no time!

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