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My Top 5 Tips for Auditioning  

My Top 5 Tips for Auditioning

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Ready for your next audition?  Going on your first audition?  Losing sleep over said audition?  Here are some tips from Alexia, one of NYC’s top voice teachers to help you out!

1. Pick The Right Repertoire

Picking the right repertoire is my number one must for going into an audition. Of course, there are exceptions when we are asked to learn something new for an audition, but as much as possible, it is important to audition with something that you love to sing and know very well. If you walk in with a song or aria that you just started memorizing a few days before, it will show. Set yourself up for success!

Sing repertoire that shows off your best qualities, and that you can still sing well even when you are not feeling your best. Being able to focus on the feeling and meaning of the music in an audition, rather than on hitting all the right notes, will set you apart. Also, try to sing something that you have performed before. Singing something only with your teacher or by yourself is very different than performing in front of others. If you have not had an opportunity to perform something before an audition, try to get a group of friends or family together to try out some of your repertoires. That way you can feel more prepared and confident to do your best.       

2. Dress Your Best  

Being confident is a key factor in having a good audition, so wear a dress or suit that you feel great in. Wear a color that looks good on you and makes you shine. Don’t be afraid to let your audition outfit show your personality, it will help the panel get to know you better. For ladies, make sure to avoid a neckline that is too low or a dress that is too short. Stick to a hem that is right at or below the knee. A tasteful piece of jewelry is always a great option, but avoid jewelry that is too flashy or moves around a lot when you sing. Anything you wear should enhance your performance, and not distract or take away from your singing.       

3. Fuel Your Body

Singing is a sport. It requires your whole body to be able to perform well, so you need to fuel your body in order to have the proper energy to perform. It is important to have a protein-packed meal before an audition or performance. Carbohydrate heavy foods like pasta or bread will not give you the proper energy to get through a performance. My go-to pre-audition meal is a grilled piece of meat with steamed vegetables and a small potato. This leaves me feeling satisfied and energized to take on an audition, without feeling overly full. One food I always avoid the day before an audition is a garlic as it tends to dry out the vocal cords.    

4. Stay Hydrated  

Making sure your vocal cords are properly hydrated is very important. On the day of an audition make sure to drink lots of water. Two things I always have before an audition are pineapple juice and coconut water. Pineapple juice contains an enzyme called bromelain which reduces inflammation in the nose and sinuses. It helps my voice to feel strong and healthy. I also never go to an audition without coconut water in hand. I find that it gives my throat an extra boost of hydration and keeps me hydrated for longer periods of time. ( A trick I use for combating dry mouth is to have some sour gummy candy before I need to sing. ) 

5. Don’t Fight With Your Nerves    

The largest problem most singers face when auditioning is nerves. My advice for dealing with this is don’t fight it! Being nervous is a natural response and is OK. Nerves are something that everyone deals with. My suggestion is rather than spending your energy trying to make yourself stop being nervous, allow yourself to feel what you are feeling and know that you can still perform through it. Nerves and adrenaline can actually add an extra boost of energy to your performance or help you hit that high note.


Don’t put too much pressure on one audition. There will always be another opportunity. Take each audition as a learning experience because no matter the outcome, no one audition can define you as an artist. 

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