1) What advice would you give to parents who are considering getting violin lessons for their children? – Find a teacher that is not only

Between baseball, soccer, gymnastics and cell phones, our children’s schedules are packed with fun activities. If you were on the fence about adding music lessons

Types of Vocal Timbre

How Adjusting Your Voice Can Completely Change Its Quality and Sound Most seasoned singers know that warming up is one of the most important tools

Think you can’t sing? I disagree

Think you can’t sing? I disagree. If you struggle to carry a tune, chances are you aren’t tone deaf, but that some part of your


So you thought improvisation is only for Jazz musicians? Think again. When talking about improvisation in music, the styles that are most likely to pop

5 OTHER Things You Will Discover From Your Voice Lesson

While there are many reasons to start voice lessons, a stronger instrument isn’t the only thing you’ll leave the room with every week. At any

Top 5 Jazz Standards for Beginners Learning jazz can be a daunting task. With literally hundreds of iconic recordings of hundreds of different jazz standards

Guitar Lessons NYC - Boy playing guitar

When my students are trying to decide which song to learn next, I offer as much guidance as possible. However, I know that this can

5 Ways Playing A Musical Instrument Can Benefit Your Health

Besides being fun, learning and playing a musical instrument can have many positive effects on your health and mental wellness. Research shows that these benefits

3 Reasons Why Your Child Must Take Piano Lessons

Between baseball, soccer, karate, and cell phones, our children’s schedules are packed with fun activities. If you were on the fence about adding piano lessons

The 3 Most Important Electric Bassists That Every Bass Player Should Know and Study

So you want to play bass, huh?  Well, let me be the first to welcome you to the club, and if you’ve already spent some

Guitar Lessons

There exists in my adult students a special phenomenon that I have affectionately labeled The “Should” Syndrome. Symptoms of this syndrome include excessive self-doubt, narrow

Unlocking the mystery of the Flute

The oldest instrument in the world is the flute; to be specific, a couple of 42,000 year-old bird-bone flutes found in a cave in Germany.

David N. Playing Trumpet

Music To Your Home is proud to work with the best and brightest music teachers NYC has to offer, and David N. is no exception.

10 Reasons Why Music Lessons Are Highly Effective- An Infographic