Music to Your Home is lucky to be able to work with musicians from around the world, and Alejandro M. comes to us with words

Jim P. Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone

Recently, Music to Your Home interviewed Jim P, one of our saxophone teachers and a current gigging musician all over NYC.  Jim indulged our curiosity

Want to learn how to sing? Here’s what you need to know from our expert

Music to Your Home is proud to work with the best, brightest and coolest musicians in NYC so we’ve been picking their brains about music

10 Types & Sizes of Pianos Explained

One of our favorite NYC piano teachers, answered some often asked and important questions about piano lessons, her teaching philosophy and favorite musical moments. 1)

Boy learning piano with in home lesson

Have you ever listened to or watched a famous pianist like Lang Lang perform and wondered, how does he move his fingers so fast? Well, we often

Playing Piano NYC Music To Your Home

So you’ve finally decided to give yourself or your child the opportunity to learn how to play the piano. Good choice! The amount of benefits

Unlike the guitar, saxophone or piano, when it comes to singing, your body IS your instrument. And we all know that taking care of our

6 must have music apps

Today’s technology is playing a huge part in the way we find, hear, and even learn how to play music. iTunes, Pandora, and Spotify are

NYC Violin Lessons

Have you ever listened to an amazing violin piece by Paganini, Beethoven or Mozart and wondered how the violinists got so good that they were

Private Piano lessons in NYC. Twins playing piano

  If you’ve come across this blog you’re probably already a music lover or someone who’s looking for that one reason to finally start learning

side view of drum set

  What do you call someone who hangs around with musicians? A Drummer. OK, it’s no secret among musicians that drummers get a bad rap

Learn an Instrument Cello

We know you’ve been eagerly awaiting the letter from your child’s school with their new teacher for the year, but summer is almost over and

nyc piano lessons

Playing the piano is a skill that takes years of practice, dedication, and desire. Our students study every type of music during their piano lessons

piano lessons nyc

When choosing the right teacher for lessons in NYC, it’s important to choose the right one the first time. You don’t want to waste time building

piano lessons nyc

Practicing is the hardest part about playing piano. But if you don’t practice, it’s pretty obvious, and your music lessons just don’t go as well