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Where Can I Find the Best Free Online Piano Lessons?

free piano lessons

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The piano is the perfect instrument for a beginner. If you’re interested in learning the piano and music theory, you may be curious about where you can start your journey without having to shell out a ton of money for lessons.

Is there such a thing as free piano lessons? Working with a professional instructor to learn notes and chords can be helpful, but you can find free online piano lessons if you’re just starting.

However, free online lessons are all on different levels, and not all will help you learn how to play piano – read on to discover more about piano lessons online and where to find the best free option to help you learn.

Can I Take Online Piano Lessons for Free?

The simple answer to if you can take online piano lessons for free is yes! You can take online classes to learn the piano that are free and readily available for you. But the answer is more complex than that.

If you begin to search for piano lessons, you’ll find many options. Determining which free online lessons will be right for your learning style can feel overwhelming and challenging.

What Types of Free Piano Lessons Are Available?

Depending on your learning style and how you feel you can nail down learning the piano, there are numerous options. Here’s a list you can start with to help you narrow down your choices for the types of free online piano lessons available:

Written Lessons

If you prefer to learn by reading, you can find free text-based piano lessons online, which sometimes include audio files and images to demonstrate important concepts.

When you write down things as you learn, you have a higher rate (42%) of success. If your learning style is to put something on paper, free text-based piano lessons that involve writing sheet music or scales or writing down your goals to learn piano is an excellent option.

If you’re a budding music artist or musician, these lessons can help you learn how to read and write music. These lessons often teach music theory which can later be applied to learning and writing songs.

Interactive lessons

Interactive online piano lessons are another way to earn that you can choose. These lessons have piano teachers who work to encourage students to participate in aiding in solidifying their knowledge and understanding.

If you need to be more engaged, these free lessons can be helpful to learn piano online. It’s more hands-on, so you can get the feel of how specific notes and chords feel, and using online technology makes it easier to be a part of the progress.

Video Lessons

If you’re a visual learner, video lessons may be the best way to learn online piano. Video learning can build your motivation and give you more insight to promote deeper understanding.

Video lessons online give students more face-to-face teaching. Videos are also an excellent method to take free piano lessons with an instructor or multiple instructors who teach via video so you can feel which resonates best for your progress.

Music To Your Home has a 100% free Piano Course for Beginners — Watch on YouTube

What Are the Advantages of Taking Free Online Piano Lessons?

There are numerous benefits if you plan to learn piano by taking a free beginner piano course. If you’re trying to figure out whether these best free online piano lessons are helpful, here are some of the advantages for you to consider:

Try Before You Buy

Free online piano lessons are a great way to determine what works best for your learning. When you can try something out for free, and there are many options, you can take your time and experiment with different learning methods and figure out what helps you make the most progress. Think of it as a free trial for your learning.

Comfort of Home

Another great advantage to online piano lessons that are free is the ability to experience your learning in the comfort of your own home. Even though you may feel being at home offers more distraction, it provides you with security and familiarity, making it easier to relax while learning. You can combat distractions by ensuring that you practice in a quiet space.

Easy Access and Progression

What better way to work on learning your favorite songs and becoming a great piano player than with free online piano lessons? Online technology provides an easy, quick, and effective method for learning.

Video courses are typically available for you to go back and review multiple times. You can watch them more than once to help you learn difficult concepts and progress further at your own pace.

What Can a Beginner Learn in a Free Online Piano Course?

You’ll learn plenty of things from our Free Online Piano Course right off the bat. You’ll go through the keys and corresponding notes, where to position your hands for correct fingering, intervals, scales, and the different clefs (bass and treble).

Learning music theory is the best way to introduce someone new to piano. Understanding key signatures, notes, and rhythms will help when learning those first few simple songs to play.

Besides notes and scales, you’ll learn how to play some simple songs in an easy-fingering position for a piano or keyboard. The C position has the most straightforward placement of your hands, so you’ll learn a few tunes that work directly in that key.

Watch Lesson #1 Below:

Watch the entire piano course for free

What Equipment and Materials Do I Need to Start Free Piano Lessons?

Although online piano lessons can be found for free, you will still need access to some basic equipment and tools to get started.

A keyboard or piano is the most basic equipment you’ll need when taking free online piano lessons. It would be challenging to learn piano skills, like where to place your fingers or master chord progressions, without an actual instrument.

A computer will be another necessary tool, and a good internet connection so you can view the lesson without too much interruption or buffering. A laptop, tablet, or mobile device can also work, but ensure you can see your screen clearly to follow along during your free lessons.

Lastly, you need a practice space without distraction and a mindset of being ready to work. Taking online piano lessons for free still requires you to learn and learn well. You need a dedicated space to work on your craft. After all, piano players become good at their instruments with much time, patience, and effort.

How to Make the Most of Your Free Online Piano Lessons

Being serious about taking your online free piano lessons still requires you to do some planning and strategy. And music education is highly beneficial for students of all ages. Here are some helpful steps to consider to ensure you’ll get the most out of your piano lessons.

Set Goals and Rewards to Stay Motivated

In the beginning, you may quickly feel bored with all of the repetition. But it’s an essential tool to help you get the feel of the piano and learn all of the notes, scales, and chord progressions.

A great thing to do is to set goals to keep you motivated. For example, if a piano piece is one of your favorite songs and maybe even the reason you wanted to begin learning the instrument, have it be your goal to play it. Then, you can break your accomplishments down into smaller goals to help you get there.

Practice Effectively

Part of taking online piano lessons, even though they are free, is that you still need more time to dedicate to practicing. One of the basics of learning a new instrument is being patient and ensuring you take the time to practice.

It’s not enough to practice, either; you must make the most of your practice. Setting goals can come into play here too. For instance, if your first lesson in the beginner piano course was to learn the Right Hand C Position, make knowing that position your goal in your practice so you’re ready to move on to something new by the next lesson.

Keep a journal to track your progress

Writing things down can be helpful for more than just setting your goals. You can easily track your progress in learning music theory or a new song by keeping a journal as you go through your piano lessons.

It can also help you to write things down as you learn them, so you’ll remember them and have something to refer back to when you get stuck. Learning the piano provides a ton of information, so it’ll be challenging to keep it all straight while tracking your progress and learning your first tune.

Where to Find The Best Free Online Piano Lessons

Plenty of sites and apps boast they have the best free piano lessons. Which website is the best, really? Look for something with live lessons with a teacher, unlimited access, and a site with plenty of resources.

Our Free Beginner Piano Course on YouTube walks you through all of the basics of learning piano when you are starting. There’s no limit to how many times you can re-watch a lesson, so you’ll have plenty of time to learn things by watching them on repeat.

It also provides not just major chords but introduces you to minor chords. You’ll be able to obtain a new skill with each lesson, like piano chords and new techniques. The best thing about our free beginner online course is that you have the opportunity to become an advanced player.

Next Steps: Advancing Your Skills After Free Piano Lessons

If you’re serious about being a piano player, free online lessons can be an excellent start. But working on becoming an advanced player requires working with a teacher, preferably one day a week.

Moving to actual in-person or online piano lessons after free online piano lessons is beneficial, not just because the free classes will only take you so far (or only be available for a limited time). Working with a teacher will help build upon your solid foundation of piano knowledge.

For example, a teacher can help ensure you’re practicing with the proper piano posture when playing and that your fingers stay in the right place. With free online lessons, you can’t see yourself as you’re playing, so it can be challenging to fix these techniques to benefit your piano skills.

Piano teachers can also be a great help when you have questions about your piano skills or new techniques. And they can tap into the best options to help you learn faster.

Following up your free online piano lessons with an investment in piano lessons ensures your knowledge of the main concepts while allowing your advancement. You’ll be making beautiful music in no time!

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