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A Few Of Our Clarinet Teachers

 Learning to play the clarinet can be fun and very rewarding. It’s a great instrument for many reasons. It’s small and can be easily taken anywhere, it’s not very loud so it can be practiced without the neighbors getting annoyed and it can be played with any band or orchestra.

 The clarinet belongs to the woodwind family of instruments. It has a single reed mouthpiece, a long cylindrical body and a flaring bell at the bottom. Sound is produced by blowing air over the reed and getting it to vibrate. Different notes are made by pressing your fingers over the keys and holes that cover the instruments body.  It was invented in Germany around the turn of the 18th century by Johann Christoph Denner.  The instrument comes in many different sizes but the most common is the B flat soprano clarinet.  This is the instrument that most of our young students are learning.

Famous Clarinetists include Benny Goodman, Anton Stadler, Charles Neidich and Julian Bliss. The clarinet has recently gained popularity due to its prominent use in Klezmer music.

Children can start learning how to play this instrument as early as age 6 or 7 but we also have teenage and adult students who enjoy learning as well. Many school music programs include clarinets as band instruments so taking in-home private clarinet lessons will definitely help students advance in their school band programs.

Our clarinet instructors are all highly skilled and enthusiastic musicians who will travel to your NYC home for lessons making things super convenient and comfortable for our students. Call us today to schedule your first lesson!