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Learning to play the clarinet can be fun and very rewarding. It’s a great instrument for many reasons. It’s small and can be easily taken anywhere, it’s not very loud so it can be practiced without the neighbors getting annoyed and it can be played with any band or orchestra.

Our Clarinet Teachers

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You don’t have to go far for top-rated clarinet lessons from the most accomplished instructors. In fact, don’t even leave your home! We offer friendly, one-on-one instruction anywhere in New York City. Whether you prefer in-home or online lessons, we’ll be there from the first note.
Dylan J.

Dylan J.

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Personalized Home Lessons

Skip the traffic! Our clarinet teacher will come to your home to teach any form, technique, or piece of music. In-home clarinet lessons are a great way to learn the instrument.

Experienced, Friendly Instructors

With the best clarinet lessons NYC has to offer, your teacher will study your individual unique capabilities and come up with a perfect way of helping you to learn better.

Online Lessons to Fit Any Schedule

Offered via Skype or Facetime, our online lessons are an easy way to fit quality clarinet lessons into any calendar. By far the most convenient way to learn!

Outstanding Customer Service Guaranteed

Since 2003, we’ve made our bass lessons available to any client, any time of day. When you call us, we pick up the phone. Plus, all lessons are backed by our satisfaction guarantee.

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Olivia G. Clarinet, Piano
We should all take this opportunity to make a priority to teach our children a musical or instrument. You’ll never find a more prized vessel to mature your child’s emotional intelligence then through music.
Pedro C. - New York, NY

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A quick, informal chat to help us pair you with the perfect teacher is all it takes. The most common question is, “How much does it cost?” To answer that, we need a little more information to provide a personalized quote that works for you.

We Get You
Ready to Play

With the best clarinet lessons NYC has to offer, your teacher will study your individual unique capabilities and come up with a perfect way of helping you to learn better

Let the Learning

Your new teacher will knock on your door and open up a whole new world of music. If you don’t click, don’t worry—we guarantee satisfaction and we’ll be happy to find you a new teacher that is just right for you.

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The benefits of learning the clarinet are endless. Don’t put it off any longer! Click below to book your first lesson with our music school, all covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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As New York City’s leading provider of private music lessons, we’re happy to offer one-on-one instruction for a variety of instruments. Click one of the links below to explore our other services.

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