So you watched Whiplash and now you’re obsessed with becoming the world’s greatest drummer. Or you saw Tommy Lee play his kit upside down and now you want your kid to do the same thing.  No problem, we’ve got you covered.  But before you start your first drum lesson here’s some helpful information about your new instrument.

Who Can Play The Drums?

Well, just about anyone. We’ve had drum students as young as age 2 all the way to adults. If you have a good sense of rhythm and the desire to play we can help you. Even if you can’t keep a beat we will teach you how to.

How Do I Play My Drums Without Annoying My Neighbors?

There are a few options for taking drum lessons and practicing in your NYC apartment or home.  Beginner students often start their lessons using drum pads. These pads look and feel like real drums but they have very dull sounds. They are great for learning rudiments and stick technique. When it’s time to move up to playing on a drum set, there are many options for electronic drum kits that can be played using headphones keeping things quiet for your family and neighbors. And yes, we can help set you up with all of these options.

Can You Teach Me How To Rock?

We most definitely can! But we can also teach you how to be a great marching band drummer, an excellent jazz drummer and a competent percussionist for an orchestra. Our NYC drum teachers are skilled professionals who have played in every type of ensemble and have the experience and talent to teach you any style of music you want to learn.

Now that you know the basics it’s time to call us to schedule your first lesson!