Flute Lessons NYC

You’ve chosen the flute because you’re a history buff.  You just can’t seem to wrap your head around the idea of the flute being one of the earliest known instruments, dating back to around 43,000 years ago!  These instruments obviously are not the modern flute we think of today. They were made from animal bones or tusks with holes in them. Even back then, people were moved to make music and came up with creative ways to do it besides using their voices. 

But, it seems more likely that you have a kid who just got asked to choose an instrument for their school band and flute is what they picked.  Either way, prepare yourself for a beautiful musical journey with your new flute teacher.   

There are many different type of flutes from all over the world, but the one you’re probably interested in is the western concert flute, most often played in the key of C, and usually made out of silver, nickel or silver plated brass.  Another popular type of flute is the piccolo, a smaller, cuter version of the concert flute, which plays music an octave higher.

Whichever flute you choose to learn, Music To Your Home can send a teacher right to you for flute lessons.  The student will study proper technique, music theory, correct embouchure – which means using your mouth muscles to make sound – and possibly even your favorite Jethro Tull song!  Yes, we take requests at Music to Your Home, so if rock flute is your thing, we can teach you that!