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Private Piano Lessons NYC

Looking to learn from the top piano teachers New York City has to offer? Our team of accomplished instructors has worked with thousands of students of all ages and skill levels. Many of our students have gone on to some of the top music schools in the country.

Are you ready to take the best piano lessons NYC has to offer?

Top-notch Piano Lessons, Right On Key

Experienced, Friendly Instructors

Our coaches have toured the world’s top venues and trained with renowned pianists. They know how to teach piano to students of all ages and skill levels.

Personalized Lessons To Fit Any Schedule

Skip the traffic! Our piano teacher will come to your home to teach any form, technique, or piece of music. Busy? We offer online lessons via Skype or Facetime, too.

Learn The Art Of Performance

We encourage all our students to showcase their skills and build confidence with yearly piano recitals. Put your skills to practice in a wonderful, family-friendly environment.

Outstanding Customer Service GUARANTEED

Since 2003, we’ve made our piano lessons available to any client, any time of day. When you call us, we pick up the phone. Plus, all lessons are backed by our satisfaction guarantee.

The World's Most Celebrated Instrument, The City's Best Instructors

We are proud to offer private piano lessons in NYC with some of the most highly trained pianists in the world. All our teachers have years of experience playing, performing, and teaching music to people of all skill levels and age.

Jenny T. Image
Jenny T.

Jenny began giving students private piano lessons in 2012. She soon also started teaching music theory and music history in private or small groups settings.  She’s holds a Bachelors Degree from SUNY Purchase College Conservatory of Music.  Jenny is also fluent in English/Mandarin/Cantonese.

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Hanyi M. Image
Hanyi M.

Born in Tianjin, China, Hanyi M. began her piano studies at the age of four. She earned her first international prize at the 6th Asian Youth Music Competition in 2007. Hanyi was a former adjunct instructor at New York University (2015-2017) for Group Piano Class, Keyboard Skills Class for Music Majors and Private Piano Lessons.  She is bilingual and teaches students of all ages.

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Aza S. Image
Aza S.
 Aza has 10 years of international experience teaching piano, chamber music and coaching professional opera singers. He holds a Master of Music in Piano Performance, Chamber Music and Collaborative Piano
Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Moscow, 2009. Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance, Chamber Music and Collaborative Piano. Central Music School at the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Moscow, 2004

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Emma H. Image
Emma H.

With five years of experience teaching piano, Emma believes that patience, communication, and encouragement are just as important to imparting musical knowledge as technical skill.  Emma has taught students at all levels of experience. Emma holds a Bachelors of Music in Piano Performance from the Manhattan School of Music.

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The Piano: Areas of Study

Male Pupil With Teacher Playing Piano In Music Lesson



Piano Technique



Piano Music Composition



Note Reading

In order to play all the music you love, it’s essential that you learn how to read notation on the treble and bass staff. Learning to read notation will open up an entire world of music to you. Once you get the hang of reading you will be able to play anything you desire from Mozart to Billy Joel. Your piano instructor will guide you through the process of learning to read music until you become confident.



Playing the piano requires the proper use and development of your fingers, hands, wrists, and arms. Your instructor will show you the correct way to approach playing the piano so you can play for years to come without injuring yourself. Playing with proper technique will also add to your overall performance and speed at which you can play.


Music Theory

Understanding the basics of music theory is an important area of study when learning how to play the piano. Chord structures, scales, arpeggios, cadences, and dynamics all contribute to the way you will perform a piece. Your instructor will introduce you to the basics of music theory to put you on the right path. For more advanced musicians, our instructors can teach you how to analyze even the most complex sonata.



Whether you are a total beginner or an advanced pianist, our instructors will work on a wide range of repertoire.

Our beginner students learn music from many of the highly regarded piano methods including Alfred, Faber, Bastien, Thompson, and Suzuki. Pieces for intermediate pianists include early music by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven etc.

Our advanced students are studying and performing songs from all of the great classical composers, jazz standards and almost any popular and rock song they request. Our students are also given yearly opportunities to perform their music in recitals.



Our instructors can also help students learn how to compose their own music. Many of our instructors are accomplished composers whose music has been performed on television, movies and commercials.


It has been a pleasure having Anna in our home each week for piano lessons. She is patient, calm, and makes learning the piano fun for my 8-year-old daughter

Christine - New York, NY

Why Take Piano Lessons With Music To Your Home?

We Believe In The Love Of Music

From improving coordination and concentration to enhancing memory, piano instruction paves the way for a lifelong relationship with music. The love & passion we have for music will be noticed from the first moment the piano lesson begins.


Steinway Educational Partner

We’re proud to be a member of the Steinway Educational Partnership Program, which supports quality piano education throughout the Big Apple and beyond. This program nurtures youth piano development with equipment, recitals, professional opportunities and learning paths. Our partners will help you find the best piano to fit your needs and budget.


A Unique Cultural Experience

Get to know Mozart and Gershwin, finally figure out the Billy Joel song that’s been stuck in your head, or master today’s hits. Whatever your goal is, our music school has a piano teacher to get you there.


A Bright, Academic Future

If you want to improve the mind, a private piano lesson is a great place to start. You will listen to the world’s most celebrated music and learn to understand, read, and play music.


New York City boy taking piano lessons

Ready To Learn Piano From An Experienced Professional?

The benefits of learning piano are truly infinite. Don’t put off the dream any longer! Click below to book your first piano lesson NYC, all covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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