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A Few Of Our Saxophone Instructors

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Did you know the saxophone was invented by Adolphe Sax in 1846?  As far as musical instruments go, it’s pretty new to the scene!  The saxophone is a single reed woodwind instrument whose sound and tone are made by players tightening his or her mouth around the mouthpiece and pressing notes on the body of the instrument. 

Teachers are not the ones who help you complete a course – they are the people who help you to learn. Learning here does not refer to only remembering a few lessons here and there but to engrain it in your heart, to think and come up with your responses, to stir your creative and rational self. When it comes to music lessons, a teacher would be trusted only when he or she comes with the same passion that you seem to hold. When taking saxophone classes in New York City with us, you will find that our teachers don’t attempt to merely teach you positions or help you memorize. Our aim is to support you in your search for the right rhythm.

Private lessons from trusted saxophone teachers are the best way to encourage someone’s yearning to learn the instrument. It allows the teacher and the student to connect emotionally and that is what we aim to do through our classes. Here are some of the factors involved with taking NYC saxophone lessons from good teachers:

• A reliable teacher would be one who has a degree in music with a specialization in saxophone. No, degrees are not all that one needs to be good at something, but it does contribute. It means that the person comes with a technical and sound background in the subject. Your saxophone teacher could also be practically experienced with all the knowledge required for taking classes, which is also good. Teachers with experience usually have the skills required to handle each student differently and thus might be a right choice. However, those with a flair for music might not be someone famous but can be someone you know at music classes at school. Instead of taking a guess, you could choose your saxophone teacher from reliable businesses such as ours where a host of teachers are already training many in Manhattan.

• A teacher who performs regularly or has done so in the past is a good choice. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to perform in public; this quality will help your teacher to understand your vibes better. In fact, if your teacher performs at events, you could be invited to attend these, and this is where you could learn so much more than your classes. Besides, it is always a pleasure to see a live performance of something you are trying to hone.

• Our saxophone teachers also come with the technical knowledge required to identify whether or not a student is handling the equipment properly. Yes, it is important to hold the saxophone properly, to feel comfortable with it, to know how not to get stressed while playing it and so on. In fact, a trusted teacher would also be someone who knows how to fix issues with the instrument in case something goes wrong due to your mishandling.

• Taking saxophone lessons from us would mean that you can reach out to your teacher and communicate throughout the day, even when you don’t have classes. This helps in sharing problems in practice and even the excitement associated with everyday incidents such as playing at a family dinner for the first time. All of this creates a strong connection with the teacher and the student – one of the bases of successful learning.

• A good teacher will also be organized and teach you to be. This means going from phase 1 to phase 2, keeping your mind calm, having all your instruments and accessories organized and showing you the etiquettes associated with playing it.

Taking saxophone classes from us would also mean that you get to have the lessons in the comfort of your home. Our friendly teachers know how to strike the right balance between comfort and professionalism – they can be strict when you don’t practice or be on time but can also listen to your woes in learning or be patient with you when you are not at your best. Trusted and quality teachers will not bog you down with theories and big words but will be able to explain the same in a simple manner or maybe even show it practically!

Saxophone teachers at Music To Your Home can address the lessons right from the basics so that you get to learn from scratch. This ensures that you are not only able to play the instrument well but also know everything about it. Knowing the basics would also mean that your concepts are clear which in turn means that you can take up challenges in this regard and can be experimental on your own. In fact, that is the goal of our saxophone lessons – to show you the right path so that you can walk it yourself someday soon.