Within the Big Apple, there are a surprising number of sports teams and enthusiasts. Even when living in small apartments with a busy lifestyle, people spend their leisure time playing sports and attending games. This has led to a strong sports based culture in one of the cities most known for business and tourism.

Couple running in NYCTo start with, football, hockey, baseball, basketball, and soccer all have their national headquarters within this city. This allows easy access for anyone wanting to break into these leagues, anyone who is looking for merchandise, or anything who wants to watch a quick game. This has also led to many schools in the area pushing their sports teams to the forefront of their schools. This results in a large number of highly skilled players being in very small areas.

This is particularly true for basketball. With every neighborhood having at least one court, basketball is played in both rich and poor areas. It might be one of the most unifying experiences in the entire city. Each day after school or work, people flock to the courts to watch, play, and talk with their friends. It is here that people show their hopes and dreams to the world.

If someone is a sports fan, they can find a casual game or a professional game to watch every day of the week in Manhattan. With a large number of national, international, and college games being played in every sport, each and every day is full of competition, intrigue, and hard work for the players. New York never sleeps, and this includes the sports that it plays host to as well.

Because of the largely international population in New York, sports such as soccer and hockey are also widely popular. It is one of the few places in the USA where these internationally famous sports are played alongside American favorites. This results in an interesting combination of foreign and domestic tourism and players for both of these games.

No matter what sports someone is interested in watching, participating in, or buying merchandise for, NYC has somewhat that that sport is going to be popular. This makes it one of the best places to visit or live for any true sports fan. From meeting your idol walking down the street to playing a pick-up game with one of the old greats, New York holds the key to every sport’s fan’s dreams.