Adreena N. MA, MT-BC, NRMT

Adreena N. MA, MT-BC, NRMT


Adreena has up to 8 years of professional study and experience in music therapy with individuals of all ages and abilities.


Graduated in August 2018 with a Master of Arts degree in Music Therapy from New York University.  Adreena is also a level 1 Nordoff-Robbins certified music therapist and holds a bachelor’s degree in music therapy from Eastern Michigan University.


Manhattan, NYC

Adreena was exposed to playing the piano at the age of 5, as well as her mother’s special education classroom.  Over the years, Adreena began to understand her personal relationship to music and the possibilities that could arise within musical interaction.  With a background in piano, guitar, and voice, Adreena entered into the music therapy program at Eastern Michigan University to achieve her bachelor’s degree. There, she discovered that this path ultimately led her to her passion.  Music therapy became not only a degree, but a love for other people, a love for music, and a deeper understanding of how both interact with one another and what music can really achieve for other people.  Within her undergraduate studies Adreena became familiar with a particular approach called Nordoff-Robbins music therapy which utilizes clinical improvisation to communicate, connect, express, encourage, and achieve.  This led to a deeper understanding of her own philosophy in music therapy as well as inspiring her to become a certified Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapist.

Individuals do not need any type of musical background to benefit from music therapy.  Sessions consist of co-active musical experiences with the client, both individuals having equal importance within the music to reach individualized goals and enhance growth and development.  Musical improvisation is utilized which can allow freedom to discover the unknown in a safe space.  Music therapy is not prescriptive and is highly individualized with new ways of creating and learning.  Adreena sees this as a gift, and a never-ending journey.