Ilana A.

Ilana A.


Ilana has been playing piano for 24 years and has been teaching students of various ages in all kinds of performance styles for 10 years in piano and voice.


B.M. Collaborative Piano from Shenandoah Conservatory.
M.M. Conducting from Ithaca College.

Manhattan, NY

Ilana is a professional music director/conductor/pianist whose career has taken her all over the country. Over the years, she has worked (and often lived) in Virginia, Illinois, Texas, California, West Virginia, Utah, Nevada, Ohio, New York, and Indiana. Teaching has been a steady part of her journey as she has had the pleasure of teaching/working with Roosevelt University, Harper College, Southern Utah University, NYU, Point Park University, Texas State University, Columbia College Chicago, Shenandoah Conservatory, and UNLV. She recently relocated to NYC to pursue her conducting career as a Broadway pit conductor.
Ilana began classical piano training at 6 years old and has been playing ever since. At fourteen, she was introduced to musical theatre accompanying and that’s where the passion for show tunes originated. She completed her piano performance studies at Shenandoah Conservatory through their collaborative piano curriculum. There, she coached hundreds of singers and accompanied the better portion of the institution’s theatre and choral programs. In an attempt to keep professional music directing on the horizon, she chose to go straight into her master’s degree at Ithaca college. Throughout her graduate studies, she honed her podium and piano conducting technique. Piano performance and music direction have continued to be fulfilling and exciting as life proceeds to offer new avenues for opportunity.
As a voice teacher, Ilana’s interests lay heavy emphasis on vocal pedagogy with a focus on contemporary voice. Core healthy vocal techniques are essential to her teaching methods and are fundamental to the development of a well rounded singer. As a piano instructor, it is paramount that time is taken to see how piano playing best connects with the student. Is the theory/technique aspect intriguing? Are they a budding singer/songwriter? Do they want to play the songs they hear on the radio? The possibilities of what motivates a student to pursue piano are endless but having an understanding of them is paramount to a young musician’s success with private lessons. Whether the student be interested in piano or voice, Ilana loves teaching new skills and is always trying to find the best instruction method for each individual developing artist.
Aside from having worked on 70+ different shows at various theaters and colleges, Ilana enjoys laughing, baking, and scary movies. Though most of her time is spent in rehearsal or performance but any free time typically involves a pie in the oven and a thriller on the tv.