Jane M. Piano, Voice
Location: Manhattan, NYC


  • Jane earned her Master of Music in voice performance from DePaul University, and her Bachelor of Arts in music from North Central College, where she studied both voice and piano.


  • Jane has over 8 years experience teaching music to students of all ages.


Jane began music lessons at the age of four, and now has devoted over two decades to her passion for music. She has been teaching for 8 years.

Her diverse musical background includes classical music, musical theatre, pop, and vocal jazz. She has performed throughout the United States and Europe, including opera performances in Italy, Germany, and in New York at Carnegie Hall. She currently performs both as a solo vocalist and pianist as well as an ensemble member in various groups in the New York area.

As an educator, Jane has worked with hundreds of performers of all ages over the years. She has taught piano and voice students from beginner to advanced, age 3 to adult. Additionally, she has worked as a music director, accompanist, band leader, and conductor for several youth and professional musical theatre productions, working with performers age 7 to adult.

Her teaching philosophy is that she always wants her students to first and foremost have fun with music. Music brings such joy and fulfillment into our lives, and she wants to share that with her students and help them discover a lifelong passion and appreciation for music.

Through her positive, encouraging, and supportive teaching style, she she helps her students discover what they are capable of, build confidence, and learn that they can achieve incredible things. She supports her students every step of the way on their musical journeys to help them learn the importance of hard work and discipline, which are not just valuable skills in music, but valuable skills in life.