Jenny L. Voice, Piano
Location: Manhattan, NYC


  • Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Music with a focus on Vocal Performance from the College of Santa Fe in New Mexico.


  • Jenny has over 10 years of performing and teaching experience. She has taught a wide range of ages and enjoys getting to know each student and tailoring lessons to their specific needs.


Jenny L. is a musician, composer and educator. She began her musical journey at the age of 6 when she began taking piano lessons. Although she trained classically, she has taught classical and pop styles for piano. She focuses on making lessons engaging and fun while helping students learn and maintain proper technique.

At the age of 14 Jenny began her vocal training. She has trained in various vocal styles and can teach jazz, pop, contemporary, and various world music styles while focusing on helping students maintain a healthy vocal technique.

Jenny studied vocal performance at The College of Santa Fe in New Mexico where, in addition to vocal training, she was able to learn about and explore the world of orchestral composition. She received the Ellis Prize for Composition in 2009 for a piece she composed for 12-piece orchestra. During college Jenny developed an interest in Balkan and Turkish music and she continues to evolve within these styles. Her composing is sometimes influenced by these styles of music most recently in a piece she composed for the New York City series, Women Between Arts.

Jenny performs with various ensembles around the city including Dolunay, Seyyah and Alhambra.

Jenny works as a teaching artist in schools has also been Musical Director for The Possibility Project’s after-school program where she worked with diverse groups of teenagers interested in social justice to create original music based on their own personal experiences.

She is currently based in Brooklyn, NY.