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maggie j piano

Maggie J.

Location: Manhattan, NYC


  •  New York University (NYU),   Bachelor of Music
  •  Master of Arts in Teacher’s College at  Columbia University


  • 5 years of teaching general music, 4 years of teaching piano performance, music history, AP Music Theory and Aural Composition.


Pianist Maggie J. is currently based in New York. She began her study on the piano at the age of four and has won several International Piano competition awards. She obtained her Bachelor of Music degree from New York University (NYU) with Dr. Gardenal Fabio.

During her college years, she launched her own music education career, and her students successfully entered the Manhattan School of Music and other well-known Chinese and foreign music schools. In her junior year, she was selected by the production team and director of the NYU version of the musical “Dear Evan Hansen” as the music director and vocal teacher. The musical also had two grand performances in Theatres in Shanghai.  The audience’s response has been praised on every major platform in China. Many famous Chinese musical and drama actors, as well as professors of the acting department of Shanghai Theatre Academy and the dean of Shanghai Conservatory of Music came to watch. She is also the first Chinese student who is spotlighted on NYU Music Education’s Instagram Official Account.

She was specially hired by Hong Bin, professor of the performance Department of Shanghai Theatre Academy to work and research in his education team and his personal research institute. Together, she completed the course of creating music education and successfully held an art summer camp in Shanghai. She was hired by Principal Shen Yongge and vice-principal Hong Bin of Shanghai Top Class International Idol School as a guest music performance teacher to teach children in the school. In addition to music education, she was also lucky enough to be hired by Zhao Qi, a famous Chinese director in the summer of 2020 as music director and field director to participate in his TV series “Inside My Mind”. At the end of 2021, the whole team won the award of “Annual Word of Mouth Content” by Aiqiyi, a well-known Chinese website.

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