Marc M. Guitar, Violin
Location: Manhattan, NYC


  • Bachelors Degree from Berklee College of Music in Guitar Performance, graduated Magna Cum Laude.


  • Marc has taught private lessons as well as online lessons to students. Because of his jazz background, Marc is capable of teaching theory, improvisation & technique. His rock guitarist experiences allow him to also develop styles relating to rock technique, pop, r & b, guitar tones with amps and pedals, even stage performance skills.
  • He is very passionate about teaching and helping students reach their musical goals. Marc is very excited to be a part of Music To Your Home.


Guitarist Marc M. is a performer, composer, recording artist, and is an accomplished violinist and guitarist based in New York City. He has been teaching guitar/violin lessons for 5 plus years.

Marc was born and raised in Rochester, New York and started his musical endeavors at age 9. In the fall of 2013, Marc received a prestigious award to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. In December of 2016, Marc graduated Magna Cum Laude from Berklee with his bachelor degree in guitar performance. While at Berklee, Marc had the opportunity to work and study privately with renowned teachers such as Hal Crook, Mick Goodrick, Tim Miller, George Garzone, Allain Mallet, Tiger Okoshi, Rick Peckham among others. While a student Marc was constantly gigging all around Boston and NYC. Playing jazz gigs in either a small group or a big band setting, rock gigs, backing up pop artist and even a few hip hop musicians. Performing at venues such as Ryles Jazz Club, Rockwood Music Hall, The Lily Pad, Fontana’s, The Oberon Theater, and various festivals. In addition, Marc would teach private lessons via skype or in person while a student at Berklee.

After Graduating, Marc found himself playing lead guitar on the national touring production of “Rockin Road to Dublin” which is a high energy Irish Rock show featuring world champion Irish dancers and a world class rock bands performing in theaters all across the United States. This tour featured lots of Marc’s rock guitar playing with lots of flashy solos while doing blocking with some of the dancers. Immediately after touring, Marc went out to Ohio to play a contracted gig for Cedar Fair Entertainment in a show called Luminosity. This show was an extremely high-energy rock/pop show performing to thousands every night. The show consisted of musicians, dancers and aerialists, you could find Marc Flying over the audience while taking a solo over Led Zeppelin. Marc now has hundreds of performances under his belt and as a result he is now a very seasoned performer.

As a performer, Marc is proud to be an artist for a few different guitar companies. He proudly endorses Rockbox Electronics, Chris Campbell Strings, and Chicken Picks. You’ll find Marc every year at the famous NAMM show in Anaheim California as an artist performing and playing demos for these companies.

In addition to guitar, you may find also find Marc playing violin in a string section. In the fall of 2016, Marc played violin with the orchestra that was backing up Jacob Collier for a performance in Boston at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Marc is also frequently in the studio playing violin for various sessions.

All these different experiences make Marc a very diverse guitarist. With a heavy jazz background, he is very comfortable with teaching theory, improvisation, technique, learning standards, etc. At the same time, Marc is a shredding rock guitarist who is capable of teaching anything related to rock technique, learning pop/rock/r&b repertoire, guitar tones with amps and pedals, and even stage performance skills.

Marc is currently in New York City performing, recording, and teaching. He is very passionate about teaching and helping students reach their musical goals. Marc is very excited to be a part of Music To Your Home.



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