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Maria L piano

Maria L.

Location: Manhattan, NYC


  • Masters Degree in Music Performance and Piano from the Nikos Skalkottas Conservatory in Athens, Greece.
  • Bachelors in Music in Piano Performance from the Skalkottas Conservatory of Music
  • Bachelors of Music History, Harmony and Theory of Music, Chamber and Choral Music from the Skalkottas Conservatory
  • Diploma with Honors in Morphology and Pedagogy of Piano Performance from Athens Conservatory



  • Maria has over 15 years of teaching experience privately and in group settings
  • She teaches performance skills and encourages her students through respect and patience


German born and European educated. Maria L.  is an award winning artist, educator, lecturer and spectacular solo pianist.
The piano came into her life at the age of five and from then on she loved it. She started to play piano and was introduced as an outstanding talent with many prospects. At the age of seven she won the honorary award “Pianist virtuoso.”  Even as a teenager she had the ability to perform in a masterful way with passion. She has the capacity to interpret the ways of masterpieces from the works of great classical composers of the 18 century Bach, Chopin, Beethoven, Mozart, and Rachmaninoff.

She started studying at the Stern Conservatory of music, a world famous music school. Then, she continued her studies of piano in France where she worked on orchestration, history and harmony in the Aix-les -Provence conservatory .

As a concert pianist she has given concerts all over Europe performing the works of the great classical composers. She studied French literature, chamber music, morphology of music as well. She earned a Bachelor degree with excellence.

A very important moment in her life was at a concert in France when she shared the stage with internationally recognized Russian pianist Valery Sagaidatchny. Under his guidance she learned the beautiful expressions of the piano. She played a lot at festivals like Summer festival in Annecy France, Mozart’s house in Salzburg, Legion festival piano competition where she was awarded First prize.

Maria continued with her education in Athens Conservatory. In Philippos Nakas Conservatory of music, she studied pedagogy, advanced harmony and piano, chamber music and modern music with Meropi Kolaru and Raimo Raina’s. Maria had the honor to share the stage presentation with Valery Sagaidatcny. Collaborating with the internationally recognized pianist was decisive for her solo career. Under Valery’s guidance she achieved an excellent pianistic performance that touched the souls of the spectators. She continued to study in the Nikos Skalkotas conservatory with Valery Sagaidatcny.

She had earned a Master’s degree (with academic honors) and a Postgraduate Diploma (with distinction for outstanding achievement in performance) and bachelor degree with excellence in solfege – harmony. Composition, conducting, morphology and literature of music, chore and piano from the Skalkottas Conservatory Athens Greece with honors.

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, Maria has won awards and grants, and praise. Maria  has been a Director of music InterAction Art for New York and USA, Director of opera for a club UNESCO Piraeus & Island in Athens Greece. She started teaching as assistant professor in the Athens conservatory and in the Cultural Center in St. George Cathedral in Athens Greece, and broadcasted classical music on the radio. Maria is a lovely pianist. She participated in many exhibitions and book presentations, and she is a fanatic runner and training lover.