Sam T.

Sam T.


Sam has several years of teaching experience, teaching both privately to individuals and to large groups in the classroom. With many different musical/teaching traditions to draw on, Sam caters specifically to the individual, be it teaching new chords on the guitar, a new Chopin waltz on the piano, introductory flute, or help with music theory homework, Sam offers a thorough but engaging way to learn music.


New England Conservaroty of Music, BA in Contemporary Improvisation/Classical Composition


Manhattan, NYC

Sam T. is a Brooklyn-based guitarist, pianist, songwriter and composer. Sam’s musical background has spanned over many different genres on many different instruments, from rock guitar to classical piano to folk song. After attending New England Conservatory of Music, Sam remained in Boston, performing in the northeast with Ruthless Moon, a band that he co-founded, and as a solo project. He has recently moved to Brooklyn to continue writing and performing songs in various musical settings.