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Sebastian u bass, guitar

Location: Manhattan, NYC


  • Musical Arts with Specialty in Doublebass” at the National University of Arts


  • Sebastian has taught music lessons since he was 14 years old on several instruments. He is capable of teaching bass and guitar to students of all levels.


Sebastian was born in Boston, Massachussetts (USA) in June 1992, but soon moved to Argentina where he was naturalized Argentinian. He is graduate at “Musical Arts with Specialty in Doublebass” at the National University of Arts. he was selected by “Focus Year” to be part of the 19/20 band in Switzerland, and learn of some of the best jazz musicians, like Kurt Rosenwinkel, Jorge Rossy, Kendrick Scott, Lionel Loueke, Jeff Ballard, among others. In 2022 he was finalist of the prestigious UNISA competition, with bass players from all around the globe. As a composer, he has already recorded four records and one Suite for 8 musicians that won the Herb Alpert Young Jazz Composers Awards. As a sideman he recorded on more than 30 records. In 2016 he was awarded “best new jazz artist of the year” and as one of the best double-bassists in the country many times.

He’s been teaching music since he was 14 on guitar, music theory, electric and acoustic bass, piano and composition. He’s also been giving some workshops to different groups of students. An important aspect of his teaching philosophy is that he’s always looking for the balance between new challenges and the joy of music. It is paramount to look for personalized exercises that combine both aspects, so the student is always motivated to continue. If the student is motivated, the teacher will also be, and it’s a circle that can grow even more through time. Every student is different, has different levels and interests, and the teacher must be aware of all those aspects while is teaching.



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