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Yue Z.

Location: Manhattan, NYC


  • University of Sheffield with a Master of Arts in Piano Performance
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education (Piano) and Minor in Voice
  • My teaching philosophy is to help each student find happiness and joy. What’s more, my teaching philosophy is to help each student (3 to 103 years old) strengthen the ability to independently think and experience happiness through multi-sensory training and the Kodaly and Orff pedagogy. I believe that learning music will enrich the love, gratitude, and happiness in our hearts! I enjoy feeling music with my students through singing, dancing, and playing. 
  • I can teach in both English and Mandarin. 
  • My music classes cover theory, technic, performance, ear training and sight reading.  
  • I like to use singing. dancing, playing and improvisation with my students.


Yue Z. has studied piano performance for twenty-two years and vocal music performance for nine years. 

Yue obtained her Master’s degree in Piano Performance and successfully held the theme of “Meditation for Happiness” piano concert in the UK in 2021.  She studied with Prof. Anne Macgregor of the Piano Department of the Royal Academy of Music and Prof. Stephanie E. Pitts, the Director of Music Performance at the University of Sheffield. During her bachelor’s degree, Yue studied Tchaikovsky and Schubert’s works from Professor Yameng Huang of the Piano Department of the Central Conservatory of Music and studied coloratura singing from Chinese voice artist Huihui Liu. She studied Baroque music with Prof. Matti Reakallio of the Juilliard School of Music in the United States. She learned the performance of Beethoven’s Sonata with the Prof. Antonio Pompa-Baldi of the Cleveland Institute of Music. 

In vocal music, she led the China Tianjin Youth Choir to participate in the Chinese Choir Competition and won first place with Mulberry Tree (Song of Mulberry) and Voice of the Earth (A Accompaniment). She led the Tianjin Normal University Choir to participate in the Tianjin Chorus Competition and won the first prize with “Big Fish” and was awarded a Diploma with the rating Excellent in the 11th World Choir Competition.




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