Ukulele Lessons in NYC – Schedule Today!

You clicked on the pic because like us, you think the ukulele is one of the cutest instruments to choose from.  Besides its cuteness, its pretty versatile and has become quite popular recently thanks to Eddie Vedder’s album Ukulele Songs, Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s beautiful rendition of “Over the Rainbow & What A Wonderful World” and Jake Jake Shimabukuro’s mastery of the instrument.   

The uke is mostly associated with music from Hawaii and is a member of the lute family of instruments. But some say it’s a redesign and adaptation of the Portuguese machete de braga, usually referred to as the machete.  Portuguese immigrants introduced the machete to Hawaii about 125 years ago.  It took off in popularity almost immediately and has basically become the national instrument of Hawaii. 

You will usually see them with four nylon strings, which is great for our younger students.  Nylon strings are easier on the finger-tips, thus preventing some of the discomfort when using metal strings.  So when you or your child are ready to begin your NYC ukulele lesson, think about all these facts you’ve just learned, call Music to Your Home and we can get you started on a cool, hip musical journey!