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Private Singing Lessons NYC

For top-quality singing and voice lessons throughout all of New York City, including Manhattan and Brooklyn, New Yorkers turn to Music To Your Home. Why? Because we provide top-rated private singing lessons & vocal coaching from the most accomplished vocal teachers in New York City. Our team can work with any schedule and offer inspiring one-on-one or class instruction, every step of the way.

Learn At Home, Sing It From The Mountain Top

World-class Instruction In Any Style

Our vocal coaches have performed in operas, on TV, Broadway, and the big screen. More importantly, each one is dedicated to helping people learn the joys of singing from the start of the first lesson.

Personal Lessons For Any Schedule

Skip the traffic! Our top-rated coaches will come to you and teach you how to get the most out of your voice. In-home voice lessons are a great way to learn to sing and improve your voice, without having to travel to a vocal studio.

Convenient Online Lessons

Not local to Manhattan? Offered via Skype or Facetime, our online vocal lessons are an easy, affordable way to fit quality singing lessons into any calendar. No need to be New York City-based.

Outstanding Customer Service Guaranteed

Since 2003, we’ve made ourselves available to any client, any time of day. When you call us, we pick up the phone. Plus, all voice lessons in NYC are backed by our satisfaction guarantee.

The Most Accomplished Singing And Voice Coaches

No matter your age or skill level, you’ll work one-on-one with one of the best voice coaches in the city. Our coaches have taught thousands of classes to students like you. More importantly, they love what they do, and are committed to fostering a fun and effective learning environment.

Whether you’re looking to learn Broadway, Musical Theater, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Classical or Opera, we’ll send you a voice teacher to cover any genre. Need a vocal coach to get you ready for your next audition? We’ve got you covered. Our singing teachers have prepared students and coached singing technique for American Idol, The Voice, and even coached multi-platinum selling recording artists.


Ilana G. Image
Ilana G.

After being awarded by the National Foundation of Arts and Awards, Ilana was invited to be a featured singer in the HBO special Masterclass with Plácido Domingo. Ilana holds both a Master’s and Bachelor’s Degree from Manhattan School of Music, as well as studies at the Chautauqua Institution Music Festival.

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Elise W. Image
Elise W.

Elise strives to provide students with the foundation and knowledge to explore every nuance of their own artistic journey.Elise holds a Bachelors of Music from the Aaron Copland School of Music in Opera Vocal Performance.

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Mariah L. Image
Mariah L.

Mariah has eight years of teaching experience with all ages/levels of both piano and voice students.Mariah received her BFA in musical theatre from Rider University where she performed in and assistant music directed many main stage productions!

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Alexia M. Image
Alexia M.

Alexia holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Vocal Performance from Carnegie Mellon University.Trained in bel canto technique, music theory, ear training, eurhythmics, acting, alexander technique, vocal pedagogy, French, Italian, German, and Greek, she is passionate about inspiring others to cultivate their love for the arts.

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Voice Lessons with Music To Your Home

Areas of Study

Note Reading

In order to sing all the music you love, it’s essential that you learn how to read notation on the treble or bass staff depending on your voice part. Learning to read notation will open up an entire world of music to the student. Once you get the hang of reading you will be able to sing anything you desire from Opera to Pop music. Your Vocal coach will guide you through the process of learning to read music until you become confident.


Vocal Technique

In order to sing properly, the following techniques will be taught by your instructor during singing classes:

  1. Air: Singing requires a LOT of breath, in and out. This may seem obvious, but many of us really underestimate how much air and breathing we really need to sing those high-notes.
  2. Shape: Unlike a flute, trumpet, or clarinet, the voice is a malleable instrument. You can change the position of your tongue, lips, throat, and the larynx itself, and some positions just won’t work as well as others.
  3. Tension: Do you tend to hold your stress in your shoulders or neck? If the muscles around your larynx are tense it can make it difficult for your voice to function freely.
  4. Vibration: Pay attention to where you feel the vibration when you sing. If it feels like it is concentrated in your chest or throat, odds are it could cause trouble.
  5. Fatigue: We use our voices to do all kinds of things besides to sing (to speak, laugh, cry, cough, yell, etc.) The teeny tiny muscles that make up your singing voice can become tired with overuse, and just like any other muscle, they will not work as well if they are fatigued without a warm-up.

Music Theory

Understanding the basics of music theory is an important area of study when learning how to become a great professional singer and songwriter. Your professional voice instructor will introduce you to the basics of music theory to put you on the right path. For more advanced musicians, our instructors can teach you how to analyze even the most complex opera songs.



Whether you are a total beginner or an advanced vocalist, our vocal training instructors will work on a wide range of repertoire and musical styles. Our vocal coaches can help prepare you for:

  • College Audition Prep
  • Recording Sessions
  • Choir Performances
  • Solo Performances

vocal coach giving girl a singing lesson



girl singing performance




choir vocal coaching




After our youngest son saw how much fun his sisters were having, he wanted to take private lessons too. Thanks for introducing the joys of music to our family.

Christine - New York, NY

What Happens When You Contact Us?

You get a personalized quote from one of our singers. We’ll identify your goals, areas to improve in, location and musical experience and then pair you with the perfect teacher. The best part is, we send teachers to your home based on your schedule, not the studios.

Questions Answered Immediately

Of course, the most common question is, “How much does voice training cost?” To answer that, we need a little more information to provide a personalized quote that works for you. What are your goals? Do you already sing, or is it all new for you? What’s your schedule? A quick, informal chat to help us pair you with the perfect teacher is all it takes.

We Get You Ready To Perform

For private voice students, a good keyboard is recommended to get the most out of your lessons. This helps the instructor have specific tunes ready to go. We’ll help you find an affordable electric piano, along with any music and other materials you might need. As the best singing lessons NYC has to offer, we’ll help you get everything you need.

Let The Learning Begin!

Your new teacher will knock on your door and open up a whole new world of music technique and vocal range. If you don’t click, don’t worry—we guarantee satisfaction and we’ll be happy to find you a new teacher from our vocal school.

Ready To Take Private Voice Lessons From A Pro?

Finding the full reach of your voice is one of the most enriching experiences in music. Click below to book your first New York City vocal training lesson, all covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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