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Girl Receiving singing lessons in NYCIn a world, where each and every passion is commercialized, it is difficult to learn something without a desire to make money from it. So much so, that education has become a mere path for earning your bread. However, somewhere here, even amidst a boring crowd of sameness, are a few people who wish to learn, for their sheer passion. There are teachers who come with the willingness to teach, to show the right path and to guide. Our New York City singing lessons are not intended to make you a star – becoming that would be a plus. We try to show you how to approach singing, how you can improve your skills in it – we help you to brush up your talent and be even more passionate about your love for music.

Different Types of Music and Their Techniques

The list would be endless if we attempted to classify the different types of music that exist. Nonetheless, here are some of the basic genres of music:

Blues – A form of African American songs, the Blues were originally sung by slaves working on plantations. Blues songs are usually accompanied by a lot of musical instruments such as trumpet, drums, piano and the like. Some of the main types of blues music are Jump Blues, Delta Blues, Chicago Blues, etc.

Classical – Considered a more serious form of music, classical music originated in Europe around the 1750’s and continued to be composed till the 1830’s. This music emphasized a single melody which all instrument players play. The types include symphony, choral, opera, Gregorian chant and more.

Country – A form of music which developed from cowboy music and the South American folk genres, country music had its roots in the southern states of the U.S.A and was born around the 1920s. There are numerous kinds of country music, and the list is endless.

Jazz – Jazz developed as a mix of African and European forms of music around the beginning of the 20th century, near the Southern states of the U.S.A. Fusion Jazz music, New Orleans style are some of the categories of Jazz music.

Latin – There’s no surprise that this form developed near Latin America. It fused Latinos, Spanish, and Portuguese music. Salsa, merengue, and tango are three of its most popular forms.

Pop – Though often equated with popular music, Pop evolved out of the rock and roll music revolution which took place around the 1950s. It concerns the interest and taste of the urban middle class, especially that of around the 2000s. This is by far the most popular genre of music worldwide and is yet to be categorized into any specific form.

Metal – Using powerful and loud acoustics such as electric guitar and bass drums, metal music originated in the UK and usually has controversial themes. Gothic, avant-garde, power, thrash, speed are some of the many metal music forms.

Punk – A kind of rock music, punk emerged in the UK, USA and Australia where short, politically themed songs with low instrumentation were the focus. Celtic punk and pop punk are some of its forms.

Rap – Another African-American music genre, rap involves creativity and dialogue between singers who use pieces from rock and punk songs. They use remixed music, innovative music and the like as accompaniment.

Rock – Developed during the 1960s, rock also took shape out of the rock and roll movement. Its roots are connected with anti-establishment moves with controversial themes.

Electronic, rhythm and blues, reggae, folk are also some other forms of music prevalent worldwide.

Impact of Singing Shows

Whether you like it or not, music shows such as American Idol, America’s Got Talent, The Voice, etc. have indeed influenced voice performers or singers. Whether this has had a good or a bad effect is questionable, but it has encouraged singers of different ages to come forward and showcase their talent. Numerous singers and students worldwide now know that they have a platform to show that they too can perform well, giving them an incentive to learn how to sing, even more, to practice and improve. These shows also encourage those pursuing their passions under dire circumstances. Further, they stand proof that one need not only concentrate on a few selective career options but can indeed work on their passion to gain something concrete in the future.

How have singers been of influence?

Popular figures in music such as Lady Gaga, Shakira, Katy Perry and even the much debated Justin Beiber have been of immense influence to young, aspiring singers. These performers have shown how there are no fixed rules or definitions to becoming a good singer or of becoming popular. Talent always shows itself when trained and pursued with diligence. Jay-Z chose to move out of a dangerous life of drug peddling to pursue his interest in music. Such inspiring stories push singers and those with a passion towards music to pursue their dreams – to believe in their love. Such stories tell them that persuasion, training, and hard work never fail.

Our NYC voice teachers are happy to let students choose their own music, as we know how exciting it is to master one of your favorite songs. If opera is their thing, we can teach them. If rock or pop is their passion, we have you covered there too. Our singing teachers perform all over Manhattan, from clubs to Carnegie Hall, so whatever genre of music a student is looking to learn, we can send the perfect singing instructor right to your home.

All you need is a keyboard and the desire to learn how to sing!


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