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How Young is One Able to Play The Piano?

History is full of musical proteges. Among the most famous one include Stevie Wonder and Wolfgang A. Mozart. Both of these two individuals are well known to have established their musical careers at tender ages. In this regard, many parents have made a point of ensuring that their children engage in music, right from an early age. The hope here is that their children will acquire musical skills and develop talent for music as well.

Child playing pianoPiano tends to be the most favored instrument for children to learn how to play. Hence the question, how young is one able to pay the piano? Although this is a straightforward question, there is no straightforward answer to it. Various factors come into play as to when one can learn how to play piano.

What Science Says

Research has shown that the best age for a person to learn how to play musical instruments is the period right from birth to the age of nine. This is the period whereby the brainís understanding of music and the components of music is at its prime. It is easier for a child to understand the basic mechanism associated with playing musical instruments, including the piano when they start young.

The Onset Of The Learning Process

Since learning is a process, you a child should be exposed your child to the piano at the earliest age possible. Thus, between the ages of one year and three years, a child should be exposed to the piano tunes mainly by listening. This builds a foundation of recognizing piano tunes. During this period, lessons should be highly informal and intertwined with childís play, say by using piano toys.

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Between the ages of four up to the ages of five or six, the child should be taught on the minor aspects of piano playing, still in an informal setting. Additionally, interest in piano playing should be cultivated in the child, lest they become completely detached and uninterested.

Formally, one can start to learn how to play piano at the age of five or six. However, the hands should have developed adequately to be able to press five different white keys at a go, with each finger pressing a different key. The fingers should also be able to move independently of each other.

Physical development thus is the main determiner when it comes to learning how to play the piano. As soon as the hands has developed to the prerequisite size, one can begin the process of learning how to play the piano.