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Summer Music Lessons? Yes Please.

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The school year and little league are coming to an end and our recitals are almost all finished. Once the summer is here we often get asked the question: Should my child take a break from their lessons? The answer is simple. NO!

Learning an instrument and learning to read music are both skills that require constant practice and guidance until a certain level of comfort and expertise is achieved. We totally understand that some children go away to sleep away camp over the summer and can’t take music lessons. In that case we suggest that the students bring their instruments with them to practice periodically so they don’t lose the skills they have already learned. Most camps have pianos so children can usually sneak away and practice a few minutes whenever they can. The longer they’re away from the routine of practicing and reading music the longer it takes to get back the skills they already learned. Playing an instrument is not like riding a bike…

The good thing about the summer is that there’s more free time because school is out. Not to mention a nice activity to escape the heat! We’ve also found over the years that summer is a good time to begin learning an instrument when the pressures of school and excess homework are not prevalent. We do have many students who go to day camps but fitting in a weekly piano lesson can still be a fun way of having a creative and mind stimulating experience. Our teachers are generally more flexible and can fit lessons in between trips or whenever our clients are available.

So our suggestion is to take advantage of any free time you have this summer and enjoy learning an instrument!

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