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Singers Need Piano lessons too!

nyc piano lessons

For singers and parents of singers, here’s a piece of advice for you – learn to play piano. Your child might outperform their peers, bring you to tears with their voice, sing like no one’s listening, et cetera, et cetera. But when it comes time to get serious, they will struggle.

Music school is a conglomeration of all musicians, not just vocalists. Your star singer will be taking classes with people who know music theory backwards and forwards. They will study conducting next to the boy who’s taken piano since he was three. They will take music theory classes with the violinist who played Carnegie Hall at 10 yrs. old. Ask any professional singer and they will tell you the value of learning piano.

Want examples? When you get a new score you can sight-read it. When you need to accompany yourself, you can. When you want to pick up private voice students you’ll be able to play for them! And if becoming a professional musician isn’t your bag and you want to jam every now and then, it’s way cooler to know what the band is talking about when they say, “let’s pick it up from the key change after the turnaround.”  If you don’t know what that means? Maybe its time for you to take some piano lessons.


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