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Classical vs. Pop. It’s a showdown!

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Is it ok to prefer pop over classical?

The short answer? Yes. Music To Your Home is an equal opportunity instruction service. There’s no rule-book – at least not that we subscribe to – that says you must play Mozart and Bach in order to study music.   It’s true many of our teachers have devoted countless hours of their lives to learning and mastering these classics, and trust me, they are masters – but we are happy to teach students any style of music they are enthusiastic about.

Some parents are worried their child might lose interest in music if they aren’t learning familiar tunes. So let us be your musical collaborators. Tell the teacher your musical interests. Go to the computer and purchase some sheet music! Yes, there is sheet music out there for Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and all the other artists currently topping the charts. Check out these sites for easy access to some popular music:,

You see our goal is simple, get children to love music. And if playing Beethoven’s 5th isn’t what’s going to do it, we’re prepared to accommodate each student’s passion.

Not only will we work with popular music, we have many students composing and arranging their own pieces. And we’ve heard them performed at our annual recitals and it’s impressive! So we will help you purchase staff paper, and show you how to start getting some of those melodies in your head onto paper and out for the world to hear.

So when you think about music lessons, it’s ok to speak up and let your instructor know what really moves you, and we will be happy to oblige!

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