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5 Easy Ways to Get Your Child to Practice

Child playing piano5 Easy Ways To Get Your Child To Practice

 One of the challenges we encounter with our students on a weekly basis is getting them to practice. No one expects a young student to practice their instruments on their own every day without some reminding and encouragement from their parents. So here are a few easy things you can do to get your child practicing and improving on their instruments.

  • Timer : Use a stopwatch to set time goals for practicing. We have found that students will focus better when there is a goal set for them. Start off with something easy, like 15 minutes everyday, then slowly increase the time. Eventually students will start playing beyond the allotted time and find a sense of accomplishment from beating their old time.
  • Routine: Pick a time during the day either before or after school and keep it the same every day of the week. Having a daily set music time gets them into a routine and makes music part of their day.
  • Encourage: Beginner students need a lot of positive reinforcement. Sometimes listening to a        beginning saxophone, violin or even piano student can be a little painful to start, but if you give positive feedback the student will be more likely to stick with it, practice and eventually improve drastically.
  • Goals: Setting clear goals for practicing is very important. If a student has no reason to play their instrument they are likely going to be resistant to practicing it. Set up family recitals every month where your child can play in your home for family members and friends. Our students love playing for people and having an upcoming performance always drives kids to practice with focus.
  • Amazing Teacher: In our opinion this is probably one of the most important tools in getting your child to practice their musical instrument. Having a talented teacher who motivates, encourages and inspires will surely keep students practicing. We feel that music teachers should be experts and always be playing at the lessons to get kids excited about music!




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