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Private NYC Music Lessons: Why Parents Should Learn with Kids

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Okay parents: We’ll be honest; even we have some sour memories of being forced into taking music lessons as kids — the long hours practicing indoors, the decrepit (not to mention ridiculously strict) teachers, the isolation from our friends playing music that just reminded us of funerals and horror film soundtracks! ‘Why, oh why? Why are our parents subjecting us to this!’ We wondered with desperation.

And now look at what we are doing, ourselves. 😉

But really — as much as we hate to admit it, our parents totally knew what they were doing. And as that old saying goes, we really did appreciate how music touched our lives from such a young age — it just took us a while to appreciate those music lessons. The instructors at Music To Your Home live, breathe and sleep music, though, and we definitely don’t want our young clients to take YEARS to love and appreciate music! And to that point, you know what other old saying we love?

Practice what you preach.

Now, before you go assuming that we’re just trying to get you to sign up for some fancy-schmancy NYC music lessons with your kids, you should know that you’re only half right. Seriously — we’re not as fancy-schmancy as you think. 😉

Now, as far as signing up for those music lessons with your children…well, why not? Oh okay, you need some convincing. Here’s a few more-than-fantastic reasons why enrolling in music lessons with your kids could be one of the best decisions you make for both you and them.

1. Keep Your Mind Young and Sharp

You may know that learning to play a musical instrument can help your children perform better in school, be more disciplined and be exposed to the creative arts from a young age. There is definitely research to back all these claims, but what you should also know is that Sudoku isn’t the only way to keep your brain working hard.

One study conducted at The University of St. Andrews and published in the journal Neuropsychologia found that, “musical activity could be used as an effective intervention to slow, stop or even reverse age, or illness, related decline in mental functioning.”

The research also concluded that people who played instruments were also quicker to recognize mistakes and correct them faster than those who didn’t! This is enough to make us want to get back in the studio right now.

2. Discover a Hobby to Keep You Healthy

Many people complain that as they get older, they find it harder to find a hobby they are truly passionate about [that doesn’t cost a fortune to maintain] and that can they do for themselves. Don’t be under the impression that learning a new musical instrument is just for kids. On any given day you can find any of us just walking to the beat of our own drum (sorry, no pun intended)!

Playing music has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, lessen anxiety and depression and possibly even help you fight off viruses better! Happiness and health all in one package?! Do you really need any more convincing that this is a fantastic hobby to pick up?

3. Set a Good Example for Your Kids

Think back of when you were a child and your parents didn’t allow you to do “grownup” things like stay up late or watch certain movies. They were trivial restrictions, but it’s often these things that left us feeling separated from their world. Learning to play music together doesn’t have to be that way!

Music lessons are a great way to do something with your children that’s beyond watching the latest movie. It promotes healthy bonding, combines your adult world with their adolescent — and did you read reasons one and two up there? And let’s not forget kids learn best by example. Showing them that you’re never too old to learn something new and work hard to achieve something you’ve never done before (not to mention the mistakes you’ll make and learn from along the way) is a priceless value you can instill in them. And didn’t you know that you’re never too old to act like a kid? 🙂

Ready to start you own little family band? Here’s some of the awesome instruments we can teach you and your family right in the privacy of your own home. (After all, it isn’t NYC if you can’t get music lessons delivered to your home, right?)

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